How Effective is Your E-Marketing?

Answer 10 questions to see if your e-marketing plan is keeping pace with today’s trends. (Relax…it’s multiple choice.)


About azarandassociates

Nick Azar, a business strategist, executive coach and founder of Azar & Associates. Long before he started Azar & Associates in 2000, Nick was an executive for more than fifteen (15) years at some of the country leading dental healthcare companies; Continental, Discus and Micro Dental to name a few. “I began my career in customer service” Nick says. “I’ve always had that mind set and I’ve always been more a result & service oriented guy, not let’s-wait-to-see what happen type of guy.” It’s probably no surprise, then, that Nick essentially launched and built Azar & Associates from nothing back in May 2000 - literally from the ground up. Nick sees himself as just a coach building leaders 1 on 1. “People often ask me why don’t I start a business like theres” he says, “I take that as a compliment” and the fifteen (15) years prior experience taught me how to build a business from scratch. In the past decade, Azar & Associates business has increased ten fold to will over 50 clients. This rapid growth & success is a direct result of Nick’s deep clients relationships & his passion for the dental healthcare industry. “I think about it like every client interaction is the last one I’ll have with the client” Nick says. “I believe in making our clients look good, helping succeed and advance their own career. I think that dedication is what made me a successful consultant.” The size of Nick’s projects isn’t the most impressive part of his resume; the true distinction is the sheer importance of the work he’s doing. For example, the leader at one client referred to Nick’s work as the most important element to their future success & another client shared that his project addressed the top priority issues for their core business. While Nick is being highlighted on this page, he wanted to stress that he’s simply the front man for a talented team of associates. “No one person can deliver everything a client need” Nick says. Nick is available for private consulting, coaching assignments and speaking engagements. You can reach nick directly at (661) 810-2446, or send him a note to: View all posts by azarandassociates

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