Seminars & Workshops

The most common – and fatal – hiring mistake is to find someone with the right skills but the wrong mindset and hire them on the theory. “We can change ‘em.”
– Fast Company Magazine

Smart business owners of this era have learned to delegate the important tasks of managing their business to a qualified, and skilled middle management individual. Some have been very successful at finding, training, and trusting this valued employee while others struggle with the task.

Some business owners prefer to do the duties themselves rather than try to find someone. They often have no idea how to train and support this key employee.

Too many Business Owners & Managers become disillusioned trying to do a job they have never been formally trained to do.

No longer can business owners keep up with operating the business, marketing, training, technology and personnel. Simply put…Business owner need help. Knowing how to legally and effectively hire the right person has become a real-time consuming task. Many business owners and managers have little knowledge of how to legally and effectively interview, maintain proper documentation, evaluate the candidate and hire the right person for the job.

Plan to attend our Hire for Attitude Seminar Series – Part I, and you’ll gain those legal & effective tools that you can use and implement immediately into your business. A great course to attend for owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders, & HR personnel. Sign up now as space is limited.

Topics Include:

  • Plan Interview for Attitude
  • Conduct a Structured Interview
  • Avoiding Discrimination
  • Documenting the Interview
  • Evaluate for Attitude

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